League 2 Registration 2017

Social League 2 runs from 12th June to 11th Sept (14 playing nights) at Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre.

Games are on Monday nights from 7.30-10pm. From 9.15-10pm there will be two courts operating.

All players of all abilities are welcome. 

This league will contain 3 grades.

C grade - No pushing, mostly targetted for school students. Games will be from 7.30 - 8.30pm. Hoping to have 3 set teams.

B grade - Games from 8.30 - 10pm, this league we will have 3-4 set teams and provide a draw. Referees to be provided by one of the teams not playing.

A grade - Games from 9.10 - 10pm. 2 teams made up on the night. 

Make sure you are there 15 mins before your game so you can ensure all the correct gear is out and you are ready to play at the start of your game time.

As we are having set teams please if you have a preferred team put that in the team name field.

Personal Details
WCPA Affiliation
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