Other Competitions

Art Deco is a summer competition run in late February to coincide with Napiers Art Deco weekend. 

Atahua is a summer competition hosted by Kiwi Canoe Club (Palmerston North club) held at the lagoon in Palmerston North. Currently it is the largest summer competition held in New Zealand with 3 courts and almost 40 teams. It is a great weekend of canoe polo for all levels.

The quarry championships is held at Auckland's lake Pupuke on Wellington Anniversary weekend in mid January

InterRegionals is a New Zealand Canoe Polo Association run competition that happens bi-annually around the start of October/term three holidays.  The competition is over two and a half days and bring the countries 5 regions' (Northern, Eastern, Central, Mainland and Southern) best age group teams together to compete against each other to claim national honours. The categories are; U18 Women's, U18 Men's, U21 Women's, U21 Men's, Women's, Men's, Veterans (30+)

As a WCPA member you would be competing for Centrals. To be involved in a Centrals team you must go through a selection process. Selections are done at the In House tournament held approximately a month before InterRegionals. If you have not played for Central before then you will be requested to attend a development camp before the In House tournament.

The NZ Secondary School National Championships is a New Zealand Canoe Polo Association run competition that is Secondary School sanctioned.  Schools must gain entry to the Championships by qualification tournaments held in their regions.  Grades available are; Senior Open Division I, Senior Girls Division I, Senior Open Division II, Senior Girls Division II, Junior Open and Junior Girls.

Our qualification tournament in School Regionals usually held in Wellington.

Schools Nationals 2015

The solstice tournament is held by WCPA at the end of term 3. It is held at Naenae pool for schools players. It is an age group competition with U18 and U15 grades. For Wellington players this is the culmination of the reps and development in term 3. 

South Island Champs is the first summer competition hosted by Burnside (Christchurch club). It is held at Lake Roto Kohatu in early December. A great way to kick off a summer of canoe polo. There are 2 pitches and the grades depend on team entries.